Upgrade Your Flight with Our Reusable 3pin/2pin Wired Over-Ear Headset with Noise Cancellation and Custom Logo

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Experience high-quality sound and comfort on your next flight with our reusable 3pin/2pin wired over-ear headset, featuring noise cancellation and a custom logo. With BC/FC class performance, this headset is perfect for frequent flyers looking to enhance their travel experience.

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Our reusable 3pin/2pin wired over-ear headset is designed with the frequent traveler in mind. The noise-cancellation technology ensures that you can block out the sounds of the airplane and enjoy your favorite entertainment in peace. The BC/FC class performance guarantees high-quality sound for an immersive experience.
This headset also comes with the option to add a custom logo, making it the perfect promotional item for airlines or travel companies. The over-ear design provides maximum comfort, with a padded headband and ear cups that mold to your ears for a personalized fit.
With easy installation and compatibility with most airplane entertainment systems, this headset is the perfect travel companion. The 3-pin/2-pin adapter allows for use on a variety of aircraft, ensuring that you can enjoy your entertainment no matter where you’re flying.
In summary, our reusable 3pin/2pin wired over-ear headset is the perfect upgrade for any frequent traveler. With noise cancellation, high-quality sound, and comfortable design, this headset will enhance your travel experience and provide hours of entertainment. Plus, with the option to add a custom logo, it makes for a great promotional item for airlines and travel companies.

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